Marina Anisina threw Nikita Dzhigurda for the sake lover

Марина Анисина бросила Никиту Джигурду ради любовника
The skater who replaced the flamboyant showman?

Marina Anisina and Roman Ducasse

Photo: @Instagram marinanisina Marina Anisina those

The rumors that Marina Anisina went from Nikita Dzhigurda was not unfounded. Some time ago, the skater has published pictures from a date with Frenchman Roman Ducasse, which the media immediately dubbed the “lover” of Russian athletes. The Marina has published another series of frames with the new boyfriend.

Dzhigurda, the first “foaming at the mouth” defending the honor of the Marina, on the eve of the all-taki admitted that she broke off a relationship with him. However, he does not hold it against her and still considers her “a goddess”. Moreover, he wished Anisina good luck in her new novel.

“Remember what I tell you. My goddess Anise is Holy that she did not create. I’m admiring her as the mother of God stare. I am happy that she loved me! Health to you, girl, and a good Tantra!” — asked Marina out of the chair.

However, this is not the first and likely not the last breakup of the star couple. Marina and Nikita has already overcome several crises of family life and each time have reunited for the sake of the children. The couple together have a son Mika-Angelo-Krista and daughter Eva-Vlad.