Marina Anisina revealed the truth about the divorce

Марина Анисина раскрыла всю правду о разводе The Olympic champion broke the silence and spoke on the topic of divorce with Nikita Dzhigurda. According to Anisina those, she lived in constant fear and repeatedly abused. Hobbies former spouse brought a Marina in horror. But the woman endured to the last. She believed that everything could still change.

      Марина Анисина раскрыла всю правду о разводе

      Recently Olympic champion Marina Anisina and scandalous showman Nikita Dzhigurda officially divorced. Until recently, the athlete chose not to give an interview about their breakup with the artist. But in the program “live” Anisina revealed shocking details of life with Dzhigurda. According to the woman, the husband has repeatedly used violence to her and constantly frightened by their strange antics. “In Moscow running around with a knife, waving in front of my eyes. I was really scared. Although he shouted: “don’t worry, Nikita. If I stab someone, stab yourself,” admitted Marina.

      Marina Anisina divorce Nikita Dzhigurda

      Anisina lived in constant fear. The husband admitted to her that can play the role of Othello. At other times, and it was in Paris, after the couple decided to divorce, the furious out of the chair struck the woman in the forehead. “I went into the blood. There were a lot of people. I started to shout, “I’ll call the police”. I was shaking… But I am going fast, I calmed down. He said it was not on purpose, it happened. I didn’t believe, but pretended that I believed,” says Nikita.

      Lawyer skater Sergei Zhorin told that the Marina is a rare type of women that differ Olympian calm. Another on the spot Anisina those would have long abandoned the beloved. However, the athlete endured to the last.

      Life Morrice was a serious challenge for women. Any word spoken out of place could cause the showman a storm of emotions. “Op, scream, music, candles, burning sticks. I was in continuous stress…” — frankly admitted Anisina. According to her, Nikita addicted to drugs. The actor claimed thus expands consciousness and connects with the cosmos. Marina has told, what strange habits Dzhigurda forced her to run away from home. The woman had doubt that her husband is adequate.

      Marina tried to understand her husband, but eventually realized that it was impossible. So once, when Nikita went on tour, she Packed up and left with the children to France. It happened last year.

      When the chair returned he was shocked by what happened. Nikita didn’t believe that his wife is able to go against him. Then Marina the first time I filed for divorce. But after some time he changed his mind. “I felt sorry for him. I was not ready. Took the documents back. He told me that I never will love like him,” — says Nikita. Nikita has also convinced the wife that it is not worth doing for the kids. After the incident, the Marina tried to help my husband with the treatment. “He initially agreed, but then said we all are crazy,” — said the skater.

      The program also discussed a video that appeared online during the divorce process Anisina and Dzhigurda. There is a woman depicted in a state of intoxication. Nikita claimed that his ex-lover is suffering from alcoholism. Marina spoke for the first time on incriminating material.

      Lawyer Sergei Zhorin: “Video Dzhigurda drunk Anisina – provocation!”

      “This video a year ago. I was shot after the ice show. Prior to that, he brought me to tears, screaming bloody murder… I was amazed that he deliberately shot the video, then to use it. I think it’s very mean. All the men that I idolized vanished overnight,” commented a scandalous video Anisina.

      The athlete also was first told about making a noise the video, filmed Dzhigurda. This video was filmed the birth of his wife. Marina said that he did not know about plans of the husband to put it on the Network, the showman just put the wife before the fact. Despite this, later Anisina tried to protect the person he loved before loved ones. “Mom said I was crazy. I was blind,” admitted the skater.

      The last drop in the patience of the Marina was a trip Dzhigurda in America. The showman went there on business — the documents necessary for the proceedings in the case of inheritance Ludmila Bratash. “There was a terrible story — meet the Kabbalists, orgies, of the mystery. But you didn’t. For him. He said he met advanced women studying Kabbalah and to a new level. I carry my own name. Said we should get a divorce. Quietly, without scandals. Then he started telling us the colors of all that happened. I didn’t like it, I could not resist. Moreover, he expressed a desire to divorce. I found it necessary that it should be done,” said Nikita.

      Dzhigurda also appeared mistress. According to Marina, they started getting her messages. One of them was especially persistent. “Gave me tips for children sent me poems. Although she had a six-month-old girl who barely survived. And two year old boy. Leaving the children with her husband, she went to spend time with another person. Mystery Morrice Bravo”, — said Nikita.

      The woman also admitted that ex-husband threatened her. Remembering how Nikita toyed with the knife in the apartment, Marina begins to fear. Despite this, Nikita sincerely wishes her ex-lover for good.

      “I’d really like to take myself in hand and found myself. Not to be found under a bridge in new York or in a Motel somewhere. I sincerely wish him to take his head, because there is no negative to it I do not. To take revenge on him never going. We share children, I’m grateful for them. But I think he needs a good think,” admitted the woman.