Marina Anisina is spending time with a charming stranger

Марина Анисина проводит время с обаятельным незнакомцем
Recently, in the microblogging Marina Anisina those, published an article in which she told about his acquaintance with the imposing Frenchman.

Марина Анисина проводит время с обаятельным незнакомцем

Mystery man was the novel Ducasse, a popular cook. Spiteful critics immediately reported on the new post Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda.

“I don’t understand fulmars, that fidelity is the buzz of the Soul!

Three photos dumped me, claiming that the heir to the Empire chef Alain Ducasse — Ducasse novel — Anisina captivated and engaged Her in sexual intercourse! The culprit was expressed more crudely, but (really) all this is useless, because the Goddess of ANIS — it’s me, but in FEMALE incarnation!”, — said Dzhigurda. “I know that today, the Marina can not deceive me, and especially to change wedded husband! Your agony, Lord black realtors in the face!”.

In recent times there are news about problems in the relations of Marina and Nikita. Some time ago the Network was discussed appearance at one of the events Dzhigurda in the company of a striking brunette.

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