Marina Anisina hinted at the third pregnancy

Марина Анисина намекнула на третью беременность

Ex-wife shocking actor Nikita Dzhigurda Marina Anisina hinted that soon again become a mother. After the official divorce, but has not yet razminuvshis, the pair again found the keys to the heart of each other and now literally bathed in harmony. An artist and skater in recent years has experienced a lot of stress, and now, it seems, decided to seal their reunion by another kid.

Recall that celebrities have a son Mick-Angelo Krista and daughter Eva-Vlad. On their pages in social networks a couple posts a video and photos, talking eloquently about the idyllic relations sportswomen and artist. In one of the movies fans of the pair noticed the rounded belly of the Marina, but neither she nor Nikita direct questions not answered, although their hints can be considered a third pregnancy is a fait accompli. So, the questions reporters Nikita said, “this time, pregnancy – no comment”, and Marina and even stated that the Church hierarchy, which crowned them with Nikita and baptized their children, even then he convinced her that they Morrice will have at least three children.
Anisina told about the fact that in early June, her ex-husband to inherit his godmother Ludmila Bratash, which was involved in court battles with his sister businesswoman.
“The inheritance we will receive at the end of may, beginning of June!😂Dzhigurda joy almost bought half of a toy store! Thank you to everyone who supported and supports us!!!😘” — posted by Marina under the picture, which holds the apparatus for preparing infant formula.