Marina Anisina has accused the former Director of the Dzhigurda in a lie

Марина Анисина обвинила бывшего директора Джигурды во лжи
For some time the former Director Nikita Dzhigurda Antonina Savrasov actively gives interviews.

Марина Анисина обвинила бывшего директора Джигурды во лжи

Despite the fact that she is now in Morrice is not working, Antonina answers questions about his personal life.

Marina Anisina was troubled about the information disseminated by the woman.

Марина Анисина обвинила бывшего директора Джигурды во лжи

Anisina posted in the microblogging appeal, in which he accused Savrasovu a lie.

“In an interview, saying that people go blind when the stakes are money is she talking about yourself. With Savrasova-Abramova and my ex-husband did not communicate for almost 9 years, from the time when I was removed from our family, putting a lot of effort, as already 9 years ago Antonina hysterics, perpetrated scandals and intrigue behind our back, has always added fuel to the fire and put me against Yana Pavelkovskaya (former wife of Nikita)…

She always was the way to cling to famous people and walk behind them a shadow, to live at their expense, very convenient, and even to erect himself to the status of “Director”. After the breakup with Tonya, she continued to call himself a Director Dzhigurda, which was no longer, however, as of today, she is positioned so, when no it this status did not give! Antonina and this time, literally clung to the Chair, even when he told her she didn’t need her help!” – told the Marina.

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