Marina Anisina does not believe in the Roman husband’s godmother

Марина Анисина не верит в роман мужа с кумой

Still the legal wife of the controversial famous actor Nikita Dzhigurda skater Marina Anisina not believe that her husband was the lover of the godmother of their children businesswoman Lobely Bratash, who died under mysterious circumstances in the spring of this year and left a huge legacy of godfathers.
Lawyer Sergei Zhorin, who is representing Marina Anisina those, says that the woman laughing at the news about the affair Nikita Lyudmila – this information was spread yesterday himself out of the chair. According to the lawyer, Lyudmila was a friend of Marina’s, and certainly not Nikita.

“His inheritance Bratash left his godchildren, but Nikita convinced her that his name should appear in the will” — said the Zhorin, adding that 90% of what he says out of the chair – a figment of his imagination.
He also blames himself for the fact that the Marina so later divorcing her husband. The fact that a lawyer who is frequently involved in divorce proceedings, in fact always stands up for the family and its preservation.
“What I told Marina, when she came to me a year and a half ago that if there’s any way to save the family, then we can use this. Alas, this opportunity turned out to be false, despite the fact that the chair apologized and promised to be treated, but the promises are not kept and he got worse, he became insane. Obsolete details of his actions, I will not, because my client against it. Most likely, he is done not very well,” — said the Zhorin.