Марина Анисина требует развода с Никитой Джигурдой The woman stated irreconcilable contradiction with her husband. In a statement Anisina those also said that they have a showman different views on parenting. According to the lawyer of the sportswoman Sergey Gorina, Marina and at least enough have been living apart – she in France and he in Moscow.

      Today in mass media there was information that the 41-year-old Olympic champion Marina Anisina decide to divorce with her husband, 55-year-old actor Nikita Dzhigurda. The woman made a statement and appealed to the magistrate of the Krasnogorsk district. According to the statements of women, the cause of separation from spouse became irreconcilable contradictions between them.

      “The official version, from-for what Marina and Nikita Miller divorce – irreconcilable differences between the parties – says the “StarHit” the lawyer Marina Anisina those, Sergei Zhorin. – Also, the reason you see different views on parenting, what happen quarrels and cannot stay in the same area. Marina and the chair and so long enough to live apart – she in France, he is in Moscow. I am not competent to talk about what happened in this family, but from what Marina told me about her husband, my hair stood on end. I wonder what Marina has not filed for divorce a year ago, because even then, the behavior of Nikita Borisovich was causing issues… I am Sure that in this case we will see how Nikita Miller does things that characterizes it is not at its best. A preliminary hearing is scheduled on 2nd November, it will be held at the global station №100″

      Later, Nikita Dzhigurda said that he also plans to part with Anisina those. At Sloan artist, she and Marina are not as close as a man and a woman, and Nikita is thinking of marriage with another woman. According to representatives of the media, the flamboyant showman affair with an American artist and very serious about it.

      We will remind that earlier, in January 2015, Nikita Dzhigurda has already announced the divorce with his wife. In his microblog on Twitter, the actor wrote that he was going to break up with Anisina those and requires the return of his children to Russia. The athlete then went abroad with his partner on dancing on ice with Gwendal Pazera. The woman went to France. In an interview with reporters Nikita said that he had come to another country to see his wife and children. However, Peiser not understand his intentions and called law enforcement.

      A year ago, the reason for the differences between Dzhigurda and Anisina was a contract skater, concerning its participation in the ice show. Husband of the Olympic champion thought he was unfair. In the interview, the actor shared that Marina signed it without looking. Nikita was supposed to participate in one project with the chosen one, but the organizers considered that music, composed by Dzhigurda, they are not perfect. They called her too Russian. After the incident, the army decided to discontinue its relationship with the French company, however Anisina could not refuse because of the conditions of your agreement.

      Despite all the contradictions between the spouses, in March of last year it became known that they decided to make peace, and Anisina lawyer Sergei Zhorin has withdrawn her petition for divorce. Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina married in February 2008. At the moment they raise two heirs – 7-year-old Mika-Angela-Krista and 6-year-old Eva-Vlad. Marina Anisina the lost child