Marina Alexandrova was again called to “Contemporary”

Марину Александрову снова позвали в «Современник»
The actress will play in a charity performance.

Yulia Peresild, Marina Aleksandrova and Natalia Semin on the prize “Nika”

Photo: Instagram

A long time theater “Sovremennik” was for Marina
The Alexander family — for five years she played on the hallowed stage
the leading role. But in the beginning of the season 2011, he left the troupe family
the circumstances in connection with pregnancy, and in the summer of 2012, the actress was born
son Andrew. After maternity leave Marina successfully continued to combine
the education of the child with the filming of the movie. And here soon after
a long break Alexandrova will play in the “contemporary” in
charity performance of “Stihotvorenie”, created for the purpose of raising funds for
the treatment and rehabilitation of beneficiaries of the “Jackdaw”, one of the Trustees
is Yulia Peresild.

“The theater again in my life thanks kindest
Yulia Peresild, — Marina has shared on his page in the social network. — Teach rhymes and
cook jam 14 and 16 April”.

A charity performance “Stihotvorenie”,
created by Yulia Peresild and her friends, the artists play on “Another Scene”
theatre. In every setting in one of the main roles — busy Grandmother the famous actress of “Sovremennik”,
already played Chulpan Khamatova, and Maria Anikanova. And on April 16 partners
Alexandrova will be Svetlana Ivanova, Irina Pegova, Lisa Arzamasova, Alice
Grebenshchikov, Alex zolotovitski, and other movie stars and scenes.

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