Marina Alexandrova showed the grown son

Марина Александрова показала подросшего сына
Little Andrew was the star of social networks.

Son Marina Alexandrova — Andrew

Photo: @Instagram mar_alexandrova Marina Alexandrova

Marina Aleksandrova for the first time showed his son, Andrew. A photo of the boy was published in social networks and was enthusiastically received by the fans. The fact that the actress does not like to let strangers in their personal lives. She hides from the prying eyes of family happiness, and, as practice shows, not in vain.

Little Andrew has inherited her mother’s facial features. In any case, most fans consider it to be so. “Beautiful boy”, “Like a mother, then will be happy!” write to Marina.

Two years ago in a marriage with Andrei Boltenko have Alexandrova was also born a daughter, Catherine. Her actress is fundamentally not showing the fans, as it is still too small. Marina is a wonderful mother. She takes care that her children grow up in a healthy environment. “They have a very close and intimate relationship, and God forbid that the children held out a thread of usefulness of each other and love for life. This will be my biggest victory!” — says Marina.

By the way, last autumn, Andrew, incidentally, was the debut on the big stage. Marina presented to the public son in the charity festival “Halofest”. The boy confidently read a poem from the scene, than is very pleased mom and all who were present.