Marina Alexandrova showed the grown son and daughter

Марина Александрова показала подросших сына и дочку The actress shared a touching family photo. Heirs of Marina Alexandrova grow these mods. Fans of the star series found that her little ones are just adorable.

Star of TV series actress Marina Aleksandrova is among those celebrities who prefer to protect their privacy and their family life from the prying eyes of outsiders. 34-year-old actress, who along with her husband and has two children – four year-old son Andrew and her daughter Catherine, very rarely publishes in the microblog photos of the heirs.

Last time Alexandrov showed kids subscribers in autumn 2015, when the second time became a mother, giving her husband a daughter.

And now, after a year and a half, this Sunday, the actress has decided to please fans with photo of older children. Apparently, the star mother spends the weekend with the heirs. Marina Aleksandrova has captured a son and a daughter in one of the public institutions of Moscow. Brother and sister in the photo keen look in the window of a high-rise building, watching the life of a big city from the height of bird flight.

“Happiness,” simply signed the Marina Aleksandrova.

The heirs actress grow these mods. A loving mother, apparently, loves to dress up son and daughter. Little Catherine is dressed in a tutu and denim jacket, the elder brother of the girl – in a stylish plaid shirt and jeans.

Subscribers Alexandrova was touched touching family snapshot and found that children incredibly charming actress, and it shows, despite the fact that Marina shows them only from the back. “I would like to add… Love peace! Happiness love peace!”, “Children are wonderful!” “I agree! Children are our everything!” “These paws!” there are fans in the microblog Marina Alexandrova.

It is worth noting that the actress has repeatedly said in interviews that focused on her family. Marina Aleksandrova grateful to her husband for the life

For the sake of the loved ones she is willing to sacrifice a successful career. “I guess I to some extent not quite the actress. In the sense that you will not die without this profession – exactly,” said Alexandrov. The national star of the TV series and the movie believes that motherhood helps creatively – actress better disclosed. According to her, the birth of a child makes a woman from one side a more Mature person, and with another – allows to live together with the baby life again. But while on maternity leave a young mother to sit up did not. Giving birth to a daughter in September, after three months Marina Aleksandrova have started work on a new project.