Marina Alexandrova showed pregnant tummy

Марина Александрова показала беременный животик
36-year-old actress Marina Alexandrova congratulations on your pregnancy.

Марина Александрова показала беременный животик

However, this is only those who read such title, and further did not delve into the news.

In fact, the Marina itself has published online a picture taken during the filming of the series. In pictures of Aleksandrova in the company of Svetlana Khodchenkova posing with a pregnant belly.

Between Svetlana and Alexandra is “a happy father” Pavel Derevyanko.

Recall that in real life 35-year-old Hodchenko has neither husband nor children.

A 36-year-old Marina Aleksandrova married, with two kids – 6 year old son Andrew and 3-year-old Katya.

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