Marina Alexandrova brought out four year old son

Марина Александрова вывела в свет четырехлетнего сына The actress received the award “Figaro” in Saint-Petersburg. Marina Aleksandrova has decided to bring to the ceremony a little heir of Andrew. Child artist with interest watched the scene in the hall.

      Марина Александрова вывела в свет четырехлетнего сына

      In the St. Petersburg theater of Russian enterprise to them. Andrei Mironov was held the seventh solemn ceremony of awarding actor award “Figaro”. Among the guests of the ceremony, which began Emmanuil Vitorgan, Lyudmila Maksakova, Dmitriy Kharatyan, Mikhail Porechenkov, Julia Peresild, and many others, it was impossible not to notice the actress Marina Alexandrova, which shone in the star role of Catherine.

      Marina came to the beginning of the ceremony and took a seat in the first row between the actors Gennady Khazanov and Yuri Vasiliev. During the ceremony, Alexandrov genuinely laughed at the jokes the main ideologue of the award, Rudolf Furmanov, and listened to actor tales that are told by the winners from the stage.

      At some point in the hall were heard the child’s voice – words was not to disassemble, but Alexandrov responded rapidly, rising from his seat and heading to the gym. Mother’s heart immediately felt something was wrong- after all, it was her favorite four-year-old son Andrew, who she brought with her for the award. Taking the baby in her arms, Marina went backstage, where he spent a few minutes. Satisfied and happy she returned to the hall, and almost immediately she was called on stage to receive one of the most significant theatre awards, which she received from the hands of his new girlfriend – an actress and ideologist of the charitable Fund “Galchonok” Yulia Peresild.

      Марина Александрова вывела в свет четырехлетнего сына“My journey into acting started with that scene – I was 14 years old, I studied at a theatre Studio in St. Petersburg. First steps and first audience was in this room. I believe that their roles always find actors and believe that their awards somehow also find voice actors! I’m like no indication that this prize is mine!”, – admitted Alexandrov.
      Марина Александрова вывела в свет четырехлетнего сына

      After the ceremony, the Marina went back to his place and took his son in his arms. The boy settled comfortably in the lap of the mother and watched the performances of Dmitriy Kharatyan, Mikhail Porechenkov, Olga Ostroumova and other stars of the ceremony, which on this day also received the coveted porcelain figurines.