Marina Aleksandrova has told about the unusual gift of the son

Марина Александрова рассказала о необычном даре сына The actress said that Andrew sees the world differently. In its four years, the boy knows how to determine what power the person. Alexandrov admits that some thought son even records.

      The role of Catherine II in the same series Marina Aleksandrova is trying to protect their children from undue attention from the public. That’s why the actress isn’t posting pictures with his son and daughter in social networks. However, Marina loves to talk about heirs and proud of their initial success.

      The son of movie stars Andrew will soon be five years. According to the artist, the boy is growing very capable and talented. At such an early age, the child has a good imagination, so he talks with my mother about something new and unknown. According to Marina, her son comes up with tales and stories willing to share.

      “The son sees the world is amazing. Once said that each person has their own color. As I was surprised! I didn’t tell anyone, but until the age of sixteen she saw that all people are different colors. Perhaps this is what is called energy”, – said Alexandrov.

      According to the actress, the child can grow gifted architect. From an early age Andrei there is a need in construction. According to the star mother, the boy likes to build from the designer of high-rise buildings, as well as to draw entire cities. Sometimes Andrew has to put up with what the younger sister Katya blows his creation.

      “Andrew’s older sister by three years, and the period of construction, and at Catherine – destruction. And it is very fun to watch because she’s a girl with a strong, real character of Catherine, and if something will happen, to deny it is useless. And she can’t help it: he asks her, asks, all in vain. He clenched his fists, complaining: “She did it again!” Say: “Andrew, well, tell her again!” And he understands that all the arguments already given for a long time. In General, stood, thought, and gave: “God sees everything!” This is so touchingly childish” – says the observations of the Marina.

      As said the actress in an interview to “7 days”, she and her husband are trying to please the children and give them original events. On the birthday of son they always travel to a new country and visit an amusement Park or some other place.