Марина Александрова исполнила давнюю мечту
The actress took a bath in the Holy river Jordan.

Photo: Instagram

2018 for Marina Alexandrova began to travel. The New year the actress had met in Japan, at Christmas they were in the way. But on the Holy feast of the Baptism was what is called a “heart event”.

Aleksandrova long wanted to bathe in the Jordan river. According to the gospel in these waters made the Baptism of Jesus Christ. For believers all over the world Jordan is a Holy place. It is believed that if the Holy occasion to plunge into this river, the Christian cleansed from all sin, and feel the grace and ease.

The actress, judging by the photos, was very happy with the process.

“Moments that will be remembered for a lifetime!” — commented Marina future bath.

Specially for swimming Alexandrov specially dressed in a long dress, and his head tied with a scarf. Then these clothes should be stored safely, as they are sanctified by the water of the Jordan.