Marina Aleksandrova believes that between the Director and actress must be a connection

Марина Александрова считает, что между режиссером и актрисой должна быть связь
The actress has once again confirmed the statement that the success of the film, the Director must be in love with the actress.

Photo: Sergei Bermeniev

Marina Aleksandrova since its first appearance on the screen was always among the ten most beautiful Russian Actresses. No wonder that the rumor was recorded in her fans filmmakers in films which starred Alexandrov. But confirmation of numerous gossip so no one came. Although the Marina supports a widespread belief that in order for the film, the Director must be in love with the actress.

“The Director and actress — is the relationship a little bit beyond the edge of ordinary professional relations, — says Alexandrov. The actress needs a human being to please the Director and Vice versa. Need in some sense the romance between them that the film turned out. But, of course, within the limits of decency”.

Not so long ago finished shooting the second season of the TV series “Ekaterina. Rise”, in which Alexandrova has played a major role. This time the series was directed by Dmitri Iosifov. Marina speaks of him very warmly.

“Dmitry is perfectly joined in this story. It feels very good acting nature. And I am grateful to him for what we are with him every movement, every gesture discussed. I can’t work with Directors who shout or brought to tears. Though some of the artists need tears and anguish. Everything is very individual”.

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