Marina Afrikantov, “Will the stability, the face of children”

Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей» Participant of “House-2” has frankly told about the relationship with her boyfriend. Marina Afrikantov, who recently started the program “Style in 90 seconds”. In an interview with “StarHit” she spoke not only about new projects but also about relations with Roman Kapakli.
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»

The star of “House-2” Marina Afrikantov, who recently became a presenter of channel TNT “Style in 90 seconds”. Together with actress Cherish Baranova girl gives fashion tips to the viewers. “StarHit” spoke with the participant of the popular TV show about her beauty secrets, style and personal life.

Marina, how do you as a presenter of “Style in 90 seconds”? Were you able to get along with Cherish Baranova? Did you know to work in the frame?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»I didn’t know Lelia to show, but when I said I wanted to be an actress from the TV series “Street” channel TNT, I looked at her Instagram and I met her in absentia. She seemed a pleasant girl, very pretty, and I immediately came to her sympathy. And when we saw each other on the Playground, I immediately endeared to him, and we became friends and corresponded until now!—
I prefer to wear in daily life? Choose the convenience or sex appeal?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»In everyday life I wear casual and feel more confident. If sexy way to understand short skirts and cleavage – it’s not about me. I believe that sexuality needs to be in movement, manners, behavior, attitudes.
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»
How much time usually spend on makeup and styling?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»Since I’m always under the cameras, I have always Narodny eyelashes. Also love the bright brows. When make-up apply Foundation, blush and concealer. I really love Hilter. As for styling, I prefer tall tails or straight hair with a little bouffant, with the effect of negligence. On the charges it takes me about 15 minutes. —
Your chosen one a Novel like your outfits? Can he not let you go to a party with her friends in an overly revealing dress?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»Like, of course. We dress in the same style: casual sporty chic. But if I go to a party with friends, I don’t wear revealing outfits. Do not like this style. If you still need to wear a dress, it will dress not tight, but rather, the model baby doll in combination with heels. That is cute sexy, as I call it.

What prevents you boyfriend?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»Eat junk food: candy, my favorite cheese, dessert, drink energy drinks, which I love. But it is thanks to him, because if I don’t have enough will power, then there will be a novel that will remind me that it is impossible to eat. Now I’m trying to keep weight 55 kg, before this project I always weighed 58, and for me it was a lot of weight. So I’m grateful for the fact that it limits me in the wrong food. —
What is the most heartwarming surprise he gave you?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»It was in the Seychelles at the beginning of our relationship. In telestroke I have often been called “little Flower project”, “Princess”. From our bungalows on the Islands affair has made the present Kingdom: there was a red carpet, cut from plywood multi-colored turrets, the blue canopy and above my bed is a big gold crown with rhinestones. He said I was his Princess, and put on my head the crown, which is also made by myself, painted metal twigs in gold color. I posted this video on Instagram, I often reconsider. In General, Roma loves to surprise me, doing something with his hands, draws.
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»
How did your parents perceive the Novel?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»Well, they approve of my choice. In the beginning, when the affair only came to the project he released in my address some not very nice jokes, and then I decided to break up. But during the broadcast we phoned mom, and she persuaded me by saying that he’s cool, athletic, funny, intelligent, exactly what I was expecting. Dad also likes the novel because he is very balanced and clearly says. He’s a man with a capital letter, a rod. —
What have you learned during the relationship with her boyfriend?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»To cook healthy food, eat right, without unnecessary fat and calories. Besides, the Roma are very communicative, always very attentive. I took it, and if ever silent, now try to answer and communicate with everyone. To establish contact with people is very helpful. Roman is not afraid of anything, nothing to be embarrassed about, and if I can hide or not to fight back, he is always there for me. I also borrowed from him – you need not be afraid to Express their opinion.—
Can you imagine what would your wedding?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»I’m sure she will be unusual. So we imitated and repeated for us, definitely a theme wedding, perhaps in a cartoon style. In any case, we are so detailed with Roma still haven’t discussed it, but what we want to do a holiday primarily for themselves – that’s a fact.
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»
I will never forgive the man?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»I think I will not forgive treachery and treason. Because going to bed with a man who was with another girl, no matter for what reason, I can’t.—
Many of your colleagues at the “House-2” has managed to have children. You think about the offspring? Who would like: boy or girl?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»It has to be a Foundation, a steady income after the project, to have something that brings money. Boy or girl will be happy and son and daughter. But we children don’t think, as yet no Foundation. Appear stability will be the children and a complete family.—
How do you manage to keep your figure slim? What procedures use or on a diet?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»All thanks to Roman. Until I just for nutrition, I eat everything he eats. The morning starts with oatmeal, lunch – chicken breast and buckwheat, if you want sweet – live candies without sugar and calories, candy, and dinner – chicken breast, salad, rice or buckwheat. At night, if you really want to eat, low fat cottage cheese. This is my main diet. Drink coffee with milk or tea without sugar. —
They say that friendship between women does not happen… How do you manage to get along with Masha Kohno?
Марина Африкантова: «Будет стабильность, рожу детей»Happen! Despite the fact that Mary had more than six months ago left the project, we maintain a connection with her, she knows my business. Texting constantly when she travels. Masha is my escape, the man with whom I can share the secret. Know I will never betray, will not reveal my secrets, cheer when necessary. I love her very much.—
You want the man you provided or with your favorite Paradise in a tent? Ready yourself to earn for the whole family?
I’m glad that despite his young age, Roma are thinking about the future, about where he will continue to live, that will be his source of income. Spruce has the opportunity, he was acquainted with helpful people, acquires the bonds. I do not intend to sit. A woman who does nothing and thinks only of the beauty – degraded! I also want to earn. Perhaps we will have a joint business. But in any case, I know that we will achieve the heights which we plan to achieve!if (window.relap)‘wD_AqGioqJ9lHEJC’);