Marina Afrikantov told about the problems in bed with a young lover

Марина Африкантова поведала о проблемах в постели с молодым любовником The star of “House-2” gave a Frank interview. Marina Afrikantov no secret that happy with the choice. However, sometimes they have some difficulty in intimate terms that the star couple tries to immediately eliminate it.

Marina Afrikantov is on the project “Dom-2” for two years, and during that time she won the title of one of the most attractive contestants of the show. Now she’s Dating 19-year-old Roman Kapakli. The age difference did not bother to lovers, because they really go well together.

Marina recently gave a candid interview about his sex life. The girl boasted that their sexual games are sometimes too long.

“Roma like a long time, and I’m not. I’m just starting to get old. Everything is good in moderation. There are a million other options to get and give pleasure. I also like to go on sex-shops, looking at all sorts of interesting things. It’s fun, it would be interesting to try. However, I don’t know favorite attitude,” – said Afrikantov.

Marina and the novel have been Dating for a few months. The lovers sometimes quarrel, but they try to quickly resolve conflicts. According to the girl, she sometimes can’t believe that her lover is only 19 years old, because sometimes he behaves like a veteran.

According to Africanoboi, she loves when a guy takes the initiative.

“I don’t give him advice. Favorite he knows everything. But if I want to do something differently— say. Not so long ago, I began to like my voice. But the voice is an integral part of the “magic.” Love to talk during sex, nice words,” said Marina.

Now the lovers spend all their free time together. New year they met with friends, and actively shared photos. Roman recently admitted that she wants to go abroad along with a Marina. He hoped that after the holidays their relationship will become even stronger.

Fans are very happy that Afrikantov was able to find happiness. They hope that soon Kapakli will make an offer to the chosen one, and they could have a really big wedding. However, some fans doubt the sincerity of the feelings of lovers.

In an interview with “Дом2Life” Marina admitted that for a long time does not pay attention to the words of spiteful critics. Now she’s truly happy in the relationship and wants to enjoy fellowship with the second half, not looking at public opinion.