Marina Afrikantov surprised Vlad kadoni unusual gift

Марина Африкантова удивила Влада Кадони необычным подарком Participant of the TV show decided to experiment as an artist. She announced this in her microblog, which posted the resulting picture. As it turned out, the girl had to draw a portrait of Vlad kadoni. Apparently, he appreciated her efforts.

      Marina Afrikantov told followers on Instagram that he had received from “House–2” the unusual task – to depict Vlad kadoni. As recognized by the girl experience in this matter she is not, but she poprobovala yourself in the style of expressionism. She posted the picture on social network, noting that the picture is called “Kadono in the Seychelles”. However Afrikantov did not hide the fact that her boyfriend, Andrei Chuev skeptical and doesn’t find anything attractive in what she’s doing.

      It is important to emphasize that the Marina hinted clearly Chuev that her leisure time could be more favorable from a financial point of view, and the business Andrew would be unable to compete. Obviously, the irony of the girl and disregard the activities of his beloved is not a direct insult, and is regarded as a joke.

      Marina Afrikantov: “Chuev swears he didn’t cheat”

      “I am very closely engaged in drawing in the style of expressionism. And today at a tete-a-tete I got the assignment to draw our Vlad kadoni. Here he is. The picture is called “Kadono in the Seychelles”. How do you like my creation? Chuev doesn’t believe in me, and I’m sorry. Although I’m sure my paintings will sell out faster than his home, and it is very good business. Would you come to my exhibition?” – wrote in the microblog blonde.

      Vlad kadoni, obviously flattered that she was able to cope with the task. He put on his page in Instagram photo, where sitting with artist Marina and her work. He appreciated the enthusiasm of the girls. However, Andrey Chuev does not believe that Africanoboi should continue to engage in such. In his opinion, people who attended only a few lessons in painting, cannot be the artist. In his microblog he posted a picture of sweetheart and her soaprouter accusatory comment.

      “Good people! Help, save! No worries, now your mouth is full. My missus, having been in two art classes and the exhibition, decided that he could earn by painting pictures in the genre of expressionism. People explain to Marina that it’s gon!” – wrote Feels on the social network.

      Subscribers had vpechatenie that young people bullied each other to amuse the audience. Followers of the project participants believe that in this way they, on the contrary, promote activities of Marina, forcing the audience to argue and discuss the paintings. Some have the impression that Africanoboi need to continue to paint, because, according to them, it’s never too late to take up something new. Others claim that it is not necessary to put on public display that has no direct relationship to art. Someone is considered an insult to talk about art with such irony. Netizens began to condemn the Marina, but some came to the defense of blondes, proving that it is her choice.

      In Instagram the Vlad kadoni part of the followers congratulated him with this gift, noting the similarity of the lead with a portrait. But some were of the opinion that they have nothing in common. Commentators started to joke about developed talent Marina. Although she Afrikantov doesn’t waste any time. In her opinion, she needs to promote his work to the masses, so posted a new job, which I can buy for 55 thousand rubles. Mother of Marina Afrikantov not able to protect her daughter from bullying in the “House-2”

      “Marina, the picture is beautiful, you have the ability, obviously, but that’s the price You have something bent! Should be modest”, “Paint for yourself. Wow the price tag is rolled out. Like cheese in butter rolls around and still little?” “Yes,beautifully, of course. But what about inexpensive you bent. If you consider that most people in our country do not earn that kind of money. You’re like from another planet,” wrote the enraged followers.