Marina Afrikantov showed wedding dress

Марина Африкантова показала свадебное платье The star of “House-2” chooses a wedding dress. Marina Afrikantov actively preparing for the celebration, despite the fact that her choice is the novel Kapakli still not made her an offer of marriage. It doesn’t stop the girl – she walks on wedding salons.
Марина Африкантова показала свадебное платье

Marina Afrikantov for several years, is one of the main stars of the project “Dom-2”. Girl quite a long time to make love, but she is now happy in a relationship with Roman Kapakli.

A few months ago, the star couple announced about their intention to get married. They even participated in the contest “Wedding in a million”, but eventually took second place. Despite the loss, Marina and Roman decided not to abandon their plans.

Previously she has repeatedly stressed that Kapali is the man she had sought for so long.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths, but the number of those moments when happiness is breathtaking. Roma, I love you”, – shared his emotions Afrikantov.
Марина Африкантова показала свадебное платье

The girl once again visited the Bridal salon. She tried on several dresses and seems to be undecided. Marina especially liked the feminine outfit with a deep neckline and do not skirt.

Fans of Afrikantova supported it, noting that the girl go almost all the dresses. “As beautiful any outfit will look beautiful and impressive”, “I’m happy for you! At such moments I want to believe in love,” “I think Marina should dress a bit fancier. It’s a wedding, I want to be Queen” – opinions of fans of the participant “House-2”.

Earlier Afrikantov admitted that the choice of wedding dress suddenly became for her a big problem. The fact that the girl didn’t know what style to prefer.

“Girls from childhood dream of a wedding dress and know what they want. But it’s not all about me, I don’t know which dress I want to get married, what style I like, and that’s more appropriate,” said Marina.

But Roman prefers not to share the details of wedding preparation. Earlier it was rumored that the lovers had some problems in the relationship. Marina confirmed that they are all just not as smooth as it may seem. Apparently, the star couple were able to overcome existing contradictions and to continue planning the event.

It is not known when will be the wedding Afrikantova and Capably. However, fans suggest that the lovers are organize a celebration this summer and invite you to his all star friends.