Марина Африкантова спасла парня, которому изменила жена The star of “House-2” became the host of the first edition of a new show. Marina Afrikantov has shared details of the program in which she was able to calm the hero, experiencing the betrayal of his wife.
Марина Африкантова спасла парня, которому изменила жена

Sunday on TNT in the framework of the TV project “Dom-2” starts a new show “Flames of love”, leading and experts, which are going to be popular electroni. The first issue will appear Marina Afrikantov. As provided by the subject of the transfer in the Studio are ordinary people with their life problems. One of them threw the man, some of them can’t build a relationship, others like older women or girls drawn to bad boys.

The Studio for the new transmission made in red shades. There are four zones: kitchen, bedroom, balcony, living room. In every part of the room will be your hero. These decorations evoke associations with the apartment, the house, with the usual cooking and household problems of people.

Marina Afrikantov shared with “StarHit” the details of the filming of the production with her participation.

“I really liked the new show “Flames of love”. And I’m very proud to became the first leading. To be honest, I was very Mandragola before the shooting. Although I just looked at 100%: I had a wonderful makeup, a long red dress to the floor just as the theme of the name “Flame of love”. But I admit that being a TV presenter is very difficult. it is necessary not only to work the camera, but also to follow the entire course of the show, to direct participants, to pacify them. It just seems that everything is simple. I helped scenery of the new show: they were relaxed, gave to feel at home. I was particularly touched by the story of a simple guy who cheated on his wife the day of his birth. He was very depressed, grieved at the affair, came to share his concern. Participants raised literally a forest of hands, everyone wanted to speak, to cheer him up. By the end of the show he himself took an active part in the discussion of the problems of other heroes,” said Marina “StarHit”.
Марина Африкантова спасла парня, которому изменила жена

It is known that the show is aimed not only to fans of “House-2”. The stars of the TV show act as audience and the Council, after hearing the truth of the story, give tips, because they already had similar situation. Their recommendations help us to understand the gist of what happened.

In the audience there are only participants “House-2”, and they discuss the problem. In application TNT-Club will be voting for participants: the audience will be able to select the leading or the leading couple for the next issue.