Марина Африкантова спровоцировала разговоры о беременности Participant of “House-2” posted a photo with a controversial caption. Members sweetheart Andrey Chueva immediately decided that in the near future couples will become parents. However, the Marina Afrikantov on such assumptions did not react.

      One of the most discussed couples of the TV project “Dom-2”, Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov, and then give a fan a new reason to talk about yourself. This time sparked a wave of rumors fiancee scandalous party. Marina posted on his microblog a picture in which she appears in an elegant wedding dress. The girl left very ambiguous caption – “what could it be?”, adding a few cryptic hashtags like “wedding”, “bride”, “children”, “child”. Subscribers microblog Africanoboi in one voice began to congratulate her on her upcoming motherhood. Many decided that such an unusual way Marina decided to tell fans the good news.

      “Because she’s… pregnant”, “Even if you’re pregnant, what’s wrong with that?” “Children? Child? Congratulations are in order?”, – interested members of the page girls. However, many decided that by posting a picture in a wedding dress, Afrikantov pursued very different goals. For example, fans of the TV project “Dom-2” it seemed that once again fueling the talks about the wedding with Andrey Chuyev, Marina wanted only to achieve more votes in the contest “man of the year”, which is held annually on telestroke. The fact that the winner of a large-scale contest wins an apartment in Moscow. Because the housing at Chueva and Africanoboi no, people suggested that it was a beautiful story of a young family forced viewers to vote for their pair.

      Numerous allegations of prudence Afrikantov chose not to respond. Those who actively follow the life on the TV show, it is well known that the relations of Marina and Andrew have never been easy – they had a lot of explanation of the relationship, mutual insults, and attempts to leave and start a new life, and passionate reconciliations. At the moment the lovers are trying to restore mutual trust and forget about the big fights that they had to endure not so long ago. In a relationship Afrikantova and Chueva now is idyllic and therefore it is possible that it is an important circumstance forced them to think again about the wedding.

      “Good morning, Love. Sweet, gentle, kind, sweet and beautiful, sensual and desirable. You’re my peace and tranquility. Your touch and kisses motivate me and soothe. I’m different and this is only your merit. You are my Paradise on earth, and I breathe you,” left a love letter to the bride Chuev.

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