Marina Afrikantov he feared retaliation Andrey Chueva

Марина Африкантова опасается мести Андрея Чуева The girl is afraid that ex-boyfriend wants her to teach. Marina Afrikantov said what messages it floods the ex-chosen one, why it is necessary for him to weep and explained that she thinks about his new passion.

      More than a month has passed since the moment when Andrey Chuev has left the show “House-2”, having a sweetheart, Marina Afrikantov, facing tough choices – he or project. The girl decided to stay among the participants of the main telestroke of the country, thereby recognizing that the future of their relationship with the flamboyant man simply does not. Those who follow the fate of the stars of the reality show, it is well known that Chuev regarded the act as a betrayal of the beloved. And so, after a time, when, apparently, the dust had settled, the subject of a scandal brought up again. Marina admitted that he had received from a former lover angry messages and threats, and therefore now fears that he could start to retaliate.

      “Andrew said that does not forgive betrayal, says Afrikantov. – And my act, he considers it so. After leaving he wrote me a threatening SMS messages and 20 voice messages. I’ve listened to only a few – a solid Mat and insults. Did not continue to listen. Upset, crying in the night.”

      Marina does not exclude that at some point Andrew will want to return to the reality show to find love. However, in the sincerity of this intention, she believes. Afrikantov convinced that if the return takes place, solely in order to annoy her.

      “If he comes, it is certainly not to build love and to marry. A revenge on me – convinced the blonde. And if that happens, then certainly not in the near future because he needs to build the house.”

      By the way, earlier Afrikantov has said that the former lover lived a long time at her expense. Foreign travel, expensive shopping, restaurants and other attributes of luxury living, as it turned out, paid for Marina herself. In recognition of the participant “House-2”, Andrew explained that are experiencing temporary financial difficulties due to business. The man is engaged in construction of country houses, and that this case supposedly spent all of his savings, and now he is forced to pay off debts.

      To end on a nice bright pair of project failed – both still have a lot of claims against each other, and none of the former lovers can not bear to speak about the ended relationship. Nevertheless, the fans Chueva and Africanoboi sure after a while they reconcile. But now, according to rumors, the man’s new passion.

      Afrikantov told how he suffered from the tyranny Chueva

      “That Andrew talks with Leroy frost, I learned from Masha Kohno. But for a relationship he sure Lera will not work. I know approximately what kind of girl he likes. Lera is not the same in nature, they do not get along together”, said Marina in an interview with the magazine “Dom-2”.