Marina Afrikantov going to give birth to her young boyfriend

Марина Африкантова собирается родить от молодого бойфренда Participant of “House-2” not afraid to get pregnant. Marina Afrikantov in awe of the intimate life of Roman Kapely. She believes that sexual compatibility is the basis of any relationship. The girl willingly confessed to such a personal subject.

After a series of failed relationships participant reality show “House-2” Marina Afrikantov found long-awaited happiness in his personal life. After a couple of months since the breakup with Andrew Chuyev, 27-year-old girl began to build a relationship with 18-year-old Roman Kapely. The pair demonstrates a complete idyll. Marina admits that it is important for sexual compatibility with a partner. She is happy that her beloved is perfect in intimate terms. Moreover, the Marina is sure in the Novel and does not exclude that soon they might become parents. Marina Afrikantov seduces 18-year-old macho

“I am completely calm and not afraid to get pregnant,” – said Afrikantov.

Apparently, the participants “House-2” is ready for the birth of the child, as the mother of the girl always prevented her from abortion. The reality star is aware that is solely responsible for their health and completely trust the chosen one. “Mom from a young age kept saying, “Marina, have sex with condoms, abortion lead to infertility!” All about sex I learned from friends. Once we found the tape of the parents with nature, have decided that there are cartoons, and there was this hardcore erotica. By the way, when I was little, I thought that condoms help to get pregnant, and I was worried that the parents will have another child that is constantly stealing from them the condoms” – frankly admitted Afrikantov.

Despite the fact that Marina was in awe of the intimate life with Roman, she’s still afraid of bold experiments in bed. Girl love to go to adult shops and wants to try some products. However Afrikantov not know how such a proposal would affect her lover.

The girl did not conceal that it engages in the chosen one. In addition to the mental qualities, she drew attention to the appearance. “I like neat long fingers, not thin, beautiful palm and not square – this just push. And eyes. When you look at Roma, just don’t understand how parents could do such a beautiful child,” – says the participant of the reality show in an interview with “House-2”.