Marina Afrikantov: “Chuev swears he didn’t cheat”

Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял» Participant of “House-2” talking about the relationship with the groom. Soon Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev get married. Love was not so easy to forgive each other old insults, but they found the strength to keep what they have.

      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»

      Very soon on the main telestroke country will be the next wedding. Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov go to the Registrar’s office is October 22. Relations bright pair of “House-2” it had its moments – and the loud quarrels, fights and recriminations, and public spats, and hot reconciliation… the Guys had to get over a breakup to realize that they cannot live without each other. But now in a pair of Andrey and Marina are all great. In a candid interview with Afrikantov said “StarHit” how they managed to overcome a series of scandals and loud quarrels, he explained, who first went to reconciliation, and how their little family is allocated a family budget.

      Marina recently you and Andrew put the point in your relationship. How is it that you were again together?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»Throughout the year we Andrew lived like a volcano, and then decided to leave. I’ve even started Dating another guy -Vanya Barsikow. To Chuev daughter, and it is a month left the project to spend time with her. In parallel, Andrei looked at other girls, trying to build a new relationship. If not for my mother, who texted him about what the project needs help, don’t know if we met again or not. When he returned to the perimeter, it seemed to have changed. From hot-tempered and always screaming Chueva not gone. Maybe he just had a rest, and maybe a separation length in a month realized that one of the abuse relationship is not built. Moreover, Andrew realized that no matter how he shouted, I almost never answer. Mostly I’m silent, trying to smooth out the rough edges. I don’t understand why inflame the conflict, as do the other girls on the project. To anything good it does not. Andrew in this respect like a fire and I’m water. Of course, for the year of our romance, I allowed him a lot of things, including the to humiliate himself. But now this behavior from him in the past. —
      Who usually first comes to reconciliation?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»J. Andrew specific, there are two opinions – and its wrong. In the Network walks picture – photo of Adriano Celentano with the words of his hero from the movie “the taming of the shrew: “Either we do as I said or as I said, let’s do that”. This is about Chueva. But I found the approach to it. After he once again starts, fit, hug and say: “Okay, come on, come on”. Actually Chuev fast breaks and with the same speed cold. First as said the grandmother of Andrew. However, now he’s trying to control myself. Family noticed that he was different.

      That is, love and kindness solve everything?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»Exactly. Just needed to exclude the outburst and temper. Over the past two months we have never quarreled. Andrew me hugs, kisses, buys me anything I want. Calls sweetie, Princess, kitten. You know, I am a not conflict person. Scandals in the team is difficult to tolerate. Andrew in this respect is easier. He is a leader by nature, persistent, with a rod. And I can lasparaginase and cry. —
      Once you have established relationship, you probably are building ambitious plans for the future?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»We with Andrey have been together for a year and two months. Plans for the future, of course. Soon my birthday is October 14. We fly to Dubai. And on the 22nd we are planning a wedding, which is now preparing. There is even an organizer, which helps me with the choice of dress, and decor… Andrew already found a coach where we will move. I will like a Princess. Besides currently favorite builds three houses in the suburbs. He won the apartment competition “Person of the year, sold it and purchased land in Naro-Fominsk. So cases and plans full! —
      Pre-wedding jitters?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»Surprisingly no. —
      During the period when you Chuyev, broke up in social networks, he shared the pictures with a new lover. How are you able to forgive and what it has experienced in the moment when I saw these pictures?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»I just took it and forgave, forgetting everything. I know that they do not communicate, he told me that they have not been close. I believe him. —
      Your mother has long had an awkward relationship with Andrew. How do they communicate now?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»Actually, mum to Andrew liked it. She’s just on emotions can act pretty weird. Early favorite knew and understood many of the jokes seriously, and now understands that sometimes she gets carried away. As before, he’s not responding. Previously, he was mad at mom, then at me. Now he realizes that mom is not one. He calls her mom and speaks to her “you”. Favorite, by the way, loves my daddy is my everything, he is a friend for life, never betray and always advise something sensible.

      I don’t think he is now pretending to be in communication with your mother?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»No. He simply found the key and now understands everything. —
      How do you balance the family budget?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»Some time ago, Andrew insisted that the purse in the family was common. I resisted. He later admitted that the way I was being tested. Now we divide the budget like this: my money is my money, and all earn favorite, belongs to both of us. Moreover, he developed commercial vein. He’s not just sitting on the project, he was always on the phone, solves some issues, something comes up. Andrew managed to make money even in the Seychelles. There he hyped bar that hardly worked. Chuev has created an “Instagram” of the institution, pushing it wherever possible. To a place on a boat sailed tourists, mainly newlyweds. Andrew gave them a romantic date, he was cooking lobster. Of course, all this was in agreement with the editors of the draft and not free. —
      Now, when you step away from in order to create a family, probably you admire your man. Chueva what qualities you especially appreciate?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»The first is dedication. He also is quick to make decisions, and usually his intuition is not cheating. Look and think what he done! I zodiac sign is Libra. I need much more time to make a decision. You can go to the store and choose between two shirts two hours. Now I try to follow the example of Andrew. And if in doubt, turn to him. I also like the fact that he had all laid out on shelves, even has a little book with a plan of action. We also have a vision Board – it shows all of what we dream. I have, incidentally, all true. Recently my fiancé gave the book “Think and grow rich”. Now reading, I like it.
      Marina, in Instagram you have more than 1 million subscribers. Earn good money thanks to the popularity of the Network?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»I love your “Instagram” and subscribers. Treat this social network as their baby. I try every day to delight fans with new photos and videos. My kids give advice – what to wear, what movie to watch… since my childhood I adore to be photographed and photos. Parents said: “How can you sit behind a computer and look at your pictures? If you though the money brought in, well… a waste of time.” And now, after many years I earn good money for your images! The activity page is very high. Regularly receives proposals for placing advertising. So don’t complain, I earn fine.

      As you and Andrew love spending time together?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»We love to walk, can walk for hours… Love to laugh from the heart, we have a similar sense of humor. I also can not vulgar joke to soak or to laugh at themselves. A regular look at eating like a hookah. We have similar tastes in music. But the cinema we don’t really like. We were only there once. Even Andrei and love to travel! Really looking forward to when you go to favorite Dubai! Really like this city. Yachts, tours, shopping… —
      What gifts are you making Chuev?
      Марина Африкантова: «Чуев клянется, что не изменял»I’m not one of those girls who constantly asks the men. He handed me a diamond ring when he proposed marriage. Constantly gives flowers. If you walk through the Mall, buys platishke, perfume…—
      You have a fiance age difference of 10 years. This is reflected in your relationship?
      When the man is older is just a plus. We’re in a serious relationship that lead to marriage and children. Moreover, Andrew has a family experience, he was married, has a daughter. He is my rock. I was happy with everything.