Марина Африкантова и Андрей Чуев отправились в загс Participants reality show “Dom-2” are going to get married. Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev said fans, when will be their wedding. As said the bride, she was a little scared, but she loves her beloved and therefore are ready to create a family with him.

      One of the most striking couples of the reality show “Dom-2”, Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev get married this fall. The couple announced the happy news with fans in his microblog, putting the photos from the wedding Palace. Marina and Andrey came to apply to the Registrar in the original outfits. The man looked like a Cossack from the nineteenth century, and his fiancee was like a noblewoman in her white dress, decorated with lace.

      “Today, in spite of all opinions and interpretations, we with Marina have filed an application to the Registrar on 29 October 2016. It was fun, always fun, and what you suggest! Don’t be beech and sinister, enjoy life and love each other,” wrote Chuev in Instagram.

      Like any bride, Marina is very worried. Despite the fact that Andrew proved to the girl that he can be relied upon, fears not to leave the glamorous blonde. “We love each other, though ugly. I wish everyone to be happy, cheerful, to smile and not be mad at each other. I wish all forgot the insults and have fun,” said Afrikantov.

      This summer the couple was going through hard times. In late June viewers of the reality show were surprised when Andrew said that at the time of leaving the project. He explained the decision desire to be with a daughter from his first marriage Lisa. Then the man said that his relationship with Marina came to an end. However, a month later, the situation has changed. According to Africanoboi, during the absence at the site of the project, her lover rethought a lot of things.

      “No matter what anyone said, I see that Andrew loves me as I love him. He had really loved me, just played and put on a mask. He lived by the principle “the less woman we love, the more she likes us”, forgetting the fact that with him I’m the one that can give the desired resistance and to put in place. During the absence of the project Andrew is very much changed both externally and internally. I see the way he works on himself every day, and I’m proud of him. He even lost 11 pounds in such a short time. I feel his love and see how he pleases me every day. But it’s damn nice,” – said the girl.

      After reconciliation, the Andrew and Marina flew together to Cyprus, where he spent the romance. It is probably on the Mediterranean coast lovers understand that their feelings are so strong that they will no longer part. Back in Moscow, Chuev has decided to establish relations with Marina’s mother, Tatiana, with whom he previously had any scandals. “The ability to forgive and forget the offense brings the result, to remember and to live an offense – only losers. Mother-in-law, my beloved, we are together again! Our family reunion, and no one else will be able to separate us, now everything will be different”, – said the participant of “House-2”. Andrey Chuev has returned to the family

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