Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev postponed the wedding

Марина Африкантова и Андрей Чуев отложили свадьбу The reality star decided to postpone the ceremony. Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev had intended to marry on October 22. Now, however, they changed their minds and are going to participate in the contest “Wedding million”.

      Fans of the reality show “Dom-2” with great interest observe of development of relations of Marina Afrikantova and Andrey Chueva. For all time of participation in the project, the pair survived and quarrels, and reconciliation. A little over a month ago the lovers decided to seal their feelings and went to the registry office. Fans could not get enough of the fact that soon they will see the beautiful wedding of the stars of the reality show.

      However, the expectations of fans were clouded by the news that the lovebirds have decided to postpone the celebration. As it turned out, Afrikantov and Chuev decided to take part in the project “Wedding million”.

      “Yes, it’s true. We want a beautiful wedding,” – said Marina in a conversation with “StarHit”.

      Fans of such a decision pair is called a mixed reaction. Someone thought that Andrew doesn’t want to fork out for my own wedding, and arrange a magnificent celebration on the money from winning. Some fans of “House-2” I don’t think Afrikantov and Chuev can win the main prize, in their opinion, the project are other couples who evoke more sympathy from the audience.

      “Chuev only the money… Not love nor respect him is not necessary”, “why happiness is not to try. It seems to me, and Christina with Theodore worthy, and Marina with Chuyev, equally worthy. They also proved their love, just like this Andrew explosive”, “Chances are big to win! In my opinion the strongest pair”, – began to discuss the news fans.

      More recently, the Marina was full of happiness and pleasant excitement before the wedding. She told me “StarHit” about upcoming worries before the celebration. Despite the fact that usually, all brides are very worried before the wedding day, Marina felt completely calm and relaxed.

      Marina Afrikantov: “Chuev swears he didn’t cheat”

      “On the 22nd we are planning a wedding, which is now preparing. There is even an organizer, which helps me with the choice of dress, and decor… Andrew already found a coach where we will move. I will like a Princess. Besides currently favorite builds three houses in the suburbs. He won a flat contest “man of the year”, sold it and purchased land in Naro-Fominsk. So cases and plans full!” – said Marina.