Marilyn Manson will release a commemorative album on Valentine’s Day

He was a flamboyant artist, when it has not yet become mainstream. Lately we often hear about Marilyn Manson, as desired, however, the musician made a happy for their fans ad. The artist has announced the release of their new album, which is titled “SAY10”. Tenth Studio album, Manson will be released on Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2017.

By the way, almost Marilyn spoke about the album, his fans and music critics began to argue about what is encoded in its name.

Some people think that “SAY10” is so named in honor of the fact that this album will be Manson’s tenth, somebody sure is veiled in the title the word “Satan” (“Satan”).

However, before the album has a lot of time, and therefore the value of the name and its hidden meaning the musician will have time to explain in person.

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