Marilyn Manson was hospitalized after he was knocked decoration

Мэрилина Мэнсона госпитализировали после того, как на него упала декорация

American rock singer-songwriter was hospitalized after a concert in new York fell on him a decoration in the form of two crossed pistols. Scenery fell on the singer, from-for what organizers canceled the show. 2 through October 14 concerts on the tour will be cancelled.

Мэрилина Мэнсона госпитализировали после того, как на него упала декорация

“Marilyn Manson was forced to cancel several of their October performances during the forthcoming tour of the United States,” said the representative of the contractor.

Manson was injured at the end of a stunning show in new York. He was admitted to a local hospital”, said another foreign edition.

An unpleasant incident occurred during a concert in new York. The singer performed popular cover songs Eurythmics — Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). In the middle stood a large decoration in the form of two crossed pistols, that Marilyn decided to climb. Clearly the guns were steady. They staggered and Manson fell back and soon the whole scenery collapsed on him. The musicians continued to play until he noticed that the contractor does not arise. The singer rushed to provide first aid and take him to the hospital. The scenery was covered with the lights off, and soon announced the end of the concert.

As soon as the musicians saw that the performer is on the stage not moving, they threw the tools and hurried to pick it up. According to eyewitnesses, Manson was lying immobile on stage for about 15 minutes under the dark sheets. The witnesses think that the actor fainted, he was moving with difficulty.

Concerts with the Boston 2 Oct down to Houston on October 14 will be transferred, when Manson will be fine and will be able to speak again.

Status of Manson are not yet known. The official representative of the singer reported that he will be spending time at home in Los Angeles to recuperate. Information about what the artist left the hospital he did not confirm.

Fans from all over the world support the artist and wish him a quick recovery. It is expected that the next concert will take place on 15 October in Texas.

48-year-old singer gave a concert in the framework of his tour of Heaven Upside Down. The tour lasted only two days before it was canceled. A new, tenth album of the same title will be released on October 2 this year, and fans who are unable to attend concerts, will be able to hear new songs soon.

This is not the first time this year, when the artist cancels a concert due to hospitalization. Also Lady Gaga has cancelled a concert in Rio de Janeiro for treatment.