Marilyn Kerro was in the hospital

Мэрилин Керро попала в больницу Psychic works hard. Marilyn Kerro believes that spends a lot of effort and energy to help others who turn to her for help. The finalist of “the battle of psychics” trying to restore power.


    Мэрилин Керро попала в больницу

    One of the most prominent member of the popular reality show “Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro fans excited, the alarming news. Medium posted a photo where she was put on a drip. The psychic explained to fans that she now spends too much of his energy to help all those who turn to her with problems.

    “So how many of you come to me for help, need explanation to the same question was raised each day. From 2014-2015 I have worked with people almost every day. I give a lot of their own energy, their own forces to help you in your situation. Grief, insecurities, fears and your pain is also affect me! Sometimes it is difficult to regain their energy to function properly. However, I am one, but people who need my help, a lot. During the filming of the 16th season had a lot of people and a lot of stress, so I got sick and lost a lot of weight. I went from the hospital to the hospital the last few months every day. My health is my priority at the moment, since my immune system has malfunctioned due to stress and pressure from the external world,” said Kerro.

    Мэрилин Керро попала в больницу

    The girl also thanked all the doctors who provide assistance in the restoration of health. Girl suspended sessions and cannot say exactly when it will come again in the form again to receive all those who turn to her for advice. Psychic seeks understanding from its fans.

    Fans are trying to support a witch and wish her a speedy recovery. “Mary, recover soon! Let you all better!”, “Mary, get well soon! We love you very much”, “Marichka, worried about you! Thank you for talking openly with his fans! We will do everything to support you, to force your recovered quickly!” – excitedly commented subscribers.

    Not so long ago, fans of Marilyn felt that the psychic is preparing itself for the role of mother. In her account in social networks began to appear photos with young children. But Kerro was always talking about the love of children. Moreover, it was rumored that soon the Estonian witch will become a mother, however, the pregnancy rumors celebrity was not confirmed.

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