Мэрилин Керро выписалась из роддома The star of “the battle of psychics” gave birth to a son on June 29. Four days later the doctors released Marilyn Kerro along with newborn baby home. The boy’s father was Norwegian Alexander mark Hansen.
Мэрилин Керро выписалась из роддома

Fans of the 29-year-old star has long come to terms – after parting with Alexander Sheps star mystical show stopped sharing details of his personal life. So, 29 Jun Marilyn Kerro first became a mother, however, is known about the long-awaited event was only several days later.

As reported by the red-haired witch, she gave birth to her chosen son. By the way, the father of the child star “battle of the psychics” for a long time concealed. He was a Norwegian mark Alexander Hansen. The man already has a daughter from his first marriage, and, according to rumors, the disorder in the former Mark’s family happened long before the acquaintance with the red-haired witch.

Marilyn Kerro for the first time became a mother

After birth, the mother and the newborn feel well, and eve was able to finally return home.

“I want to thank each of you for your good wishes. Our child feels well, mom and dad are with him. Children – our hope for a better tomorrow, and I am incredibly glad that now have their own ray of light,” wrote Marilyn in the social network.
Мэрилин Керро выписалась из роддома

Of course, fans are not tired to congratulate Kerro with such a joyous event. However, the witch is concerned that detractors are misled by its admirers. Not only that, they are trying to cash in on the name of the psychic, so now in the Internet appeared some photos of Marilyn in which she allegedly captured with a newborn son.

The young mother was quick to warn fans that the coming months are going to publish pictures of the boy to protect him from the evil eye.

“The Network is not and will not in the near future of photos of our son. I hope you understand my concerns about privacy”, – clarified the situation to Marilyn.

Now psychic is surrounded by family and friends. Next, of course, is the father of a newborn boy. Earlier, the Norwegian admitted that he and Marilyn his wife, and intends to hold with her the rest of my life.

Their passionate affair broke out in mid-2017, but fans has unveiled the couple in August, when mark Alexander was the first to publish a joint photo with a witch.

Marilyn Kerro is credited with an affair with a married man

In an interview Kerro confessed that saw an impressive musician father their future children. Witch jokingly told friends that he and Hansen are a couple, but in the end it did.

“First noticed him a friend, and I after them. Remember I said: “We are a couple and he is the father of my children”. I was just saying that. But it so happened that we met again and everything,” said Kerro.