Marilyn Kerro told about the suicide attempt

Мэрилин Керро рассказала о попытке самоубийства The star of “the battle of psychics” tried to commit suicide, what was shared in the filming. The girl confessed that saved her a miracle – it came to visit a friend who pulled her from the dead.

The finalist of “the battle of psychics” during the program “Psychics lead the investigation” shared shocking information. On the filming of the story of the mysterious death of a teenage girl, Marilyn expressed the confidence that a young girl committed suicide. The psychic suggested that the girl was under the influence of someone else and this step has not solved itself, someone or something pushed her to such a terrible action. Marilyn suddenly remembered that something similar happened in her life. A few years ago she wanted to settle scores with life. Swallowing a handful of pills and cut veins, Kerro almost died. Saved her a miracle – suddenly came a friend who pulled a star literally from the dead. Mary admitted that at that moment it seemed someone else was controlling, and she’s not responsible for his actions.

“I took the pills, they were 50 at least! Just some voice inside me said, “Take! Take it!” – said the girl on the set.

As it turned out, shortly before the suicide attempt the young woman looked at the video, where a man was staring out of the frame, wide-eyed. The video caused great repercussions in the network, there were rumors that after watching a took his own life. Even some psychics refuse to watch it. Was this video the reason for the suicide attempt or total loneliness at that moment in Marilyn’s life remains a mystery. Girl really was not the best of times, she lived alone, feel useless, and everyone turned to her only for help or advice.

After a suicide attempt the finalist of “the battle of psychics” decided never to play with death and admitted that to live is, no matter what.