Marilyn Kerro made to pass the test twice

Мэрилин Керро заставили пройти испытание дважды In the new edition of “Battle of psychics” psychic Estonian once again left nobody indifferent. This time she had to work with the participants of the show “Dancing”, which decided to test the witch twice so, therefore, to see how strong her abilities.

      In the next edition of “Battle of psychics” participants were asked to work with young people from the project “Dance”. Clairvoyant forbidden to turn to the guys in time, as those behind them were performed by random dance numbers. After that, people with paranormal abilities needed to understand exactly who participated in the test.

      Marilyn Kerro and Hope Shevchenko kept his emotions in “Battle of psychics”

      The greatest enthusiasm among young people has caused the Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. Only one she managed, standing with his back to the trial participant, even to repeat the movements of a dancer performing a room. This so impressed the boys that they had doubts that the girl could just somehow to watch them. The participants of choreographic transmission decided that Mary is a strong participant, but, in their opinion, so brilliantly cope with the task was difficult. They decided to test the power of girls on the strength and asked to perform the task again. Almost without hesitation, Kerro agreed.

      “We didn’t have, how quickly it ended. I wish it lasted longer,” – said the participants of the show “Dancing”.

      Presenter Marat Basharov decided to support the idea of young people and asked Marilyn how she felt about this spontaneous offer. She decided that it would be very interesting to repeat the experiment, therefore, again turned away from the guys waiting for their rooms. But they set psychic a very difficult task: this time danced to not one but three people. How fast was noticed by the participants once they have created a combination of kerro immediately reported that he felt a change in energy. She also continued to repeat the movement of artists calling their amazement.

      After the witch turned to the dancers, she immediately identified the two speakers, but could not figure out who was third. A young girl has made its choice in favor of one party, then abruptly changed his mind and pointed to the other, thereby correctly identifying the names of all the dancers. After a hundred percent of kerro immediately began to fill with questions of a personal nature. Some participants of the show “Dances” could not restrain his emotions, not hiding the fact that Kerro pointed out the facts, which nobody even guessed.

      “Just unraveled me. She said everything I was called names, which in principle could not appear, She made me an incredible impression, was so accurate that I just have no words to Express it all” – shared his opinion some dancers.