Мэрилин Керро впервые стала мамой The star of “the battle of psychics” celebrates the completion of the family. Marilyn Kerro prefers not to advertise personal life, so fans of unknown details of birth. However, they are incredibly happy for the young woman.
Мэрилин Керро впервые стала мамой

Marilyn Kerro for several years, is one of the most popular stars of the project “Battle of psychics.” The young woman participated in three seasons, but ultimately failed to win. Despite this, Estonian witch was able to open a successful business associated with the sale of a variety of esoteric products.

In February of 2018 for the first time news came out that Marilyn was pregnant. Then in social networks there were the witches, where you could see the rounded tummy.

Today it became known that Kerro finally became a mother. The baby was born a few days ago.

“Marilyn gave birth to a son on June 29,” said “StarHit” the representative of the psychic.
Мэрилин Керро впервые стала мамой

It is unknown how a young woman named baby. Earlier in the program “Once” did she mention has already chosen a name for the child, but does not want to tell his fans. “I chose it, and it’s in my head. I can only say that in this name the letter “R” and the letter “a”, – told the star.

About the chosen one Marilyn is practically unknown. Fans know that a man named mark Alexander Hansen. Handsome muscular man with lots of tattoos everywhere accompanies his soul mate. The man lives in Norway and works as a carpenter.

According to Kerro, that Alexander was able to make her believe in love. After learning about the pregnancy, witch and even refused a private psychic practice, because they feared that such work may affect the energy of the child.

The last few weeks, Marilyn spent mostly at home in Estonia. There’s a young woman communicate with his relatives and preparing for childbirth.

After learning the good news about the appearance of the baby born, fans rushed to congratulate the witch. They wished the perfect newborn health and happiness.

Recall that Kerro was not only famous because of his unique psychic abilities, but also due to a prolonged affair with another magician Alexander Sheps.

Their relationship developed during the filming of “the Battle of psychics.” The lovers were constantly fighting and eventually split up, being able to maintain friendships. In an interview with “StarHit” Kerro confessed that both of them was difficult for this decision.

“For me it will always be the closest person. I madly respect and love. But we live separately. When people do not live together, this is not a relationship. When you don’t know what the man was doing, such a relationship can not be called a family. I don’t think that control is important, but if people are sleeping separately, then it is not a relationship. This does not mean that love goes away. I don’t know what will happen five or ten years,” said Marilyn.

Anyway, fans are happy that the Estonian witch was able to find happiness. They hope that soon Kerro will return to psychic practice and delight them with their new projects.