Marilyn Kerro explained why continue to live one

Мэрилин Керро объяснила, почему по-прежнему живет одна Estonian witch revealed the details of his personal life. One of the most powerful participants of “Battle of psychics” in an interview with “StarHit” shared information about the relationship with her lover. Many fans surprised her with a kiss Alexander Sheps after the end of the show.

      One of the participants of the program “Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro decided to dot the “i”. In a personal interview with “StarHit” the Estonian witch explained how at the moment the rest of her relationship with Alexander Sheps.

      Fans were excited when they saw how after the shooting of the finale of the young people kissed to the applause of the crowd and shouts “Bitterly!”. However, judging from the video, witch was surprised by this act of the Sheps and immediately decided to show her feelings in public. Kerro and Sheps showed passionate kisses in the finale “the battle of psychics”

      Recall that psychics met on the set of the fourteenth season of the project. Despite the desire of both to win, they fell in a whirlwind romance, overseen by netizens and viewers. Later Sheps supported the girl, when she lost first place in the final sixteenth of the battle of Victoria Raydos.

      Recently Alexander and Marilyn often spread combines videos, as well as intrigued followers ambiguous captions to the pictures. However, young people do not live together. Kerro explained in detail “StarHit”, why is she so decided.

      “For me it will always be the closest person. I madly respect and love. But we live separately. When people do not live together, this is not a relationship,” said Marilyn during the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit”.

      According to participants of the mystical TV show, the fact that people Wake up and fall asleep together, says a lot. “When you don’t know what the man was doing, such a relationship can not be called a family. I don’t think that control is important, but if people are sleeping separately, then it is not a relationship. This does not mean that love goes away” – said Marilyn.

      Kerro does not exclude that after a while, the situation may change, however, is that it focuses on completely different things. Many viewers noted that Marilyn was much stronger than in previous seasons. Guests look forward to conversations with a witch and amazed when she perfectly passes the test.

      Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      However, in the broadcast of the first editions of seventeenth of the season, many were very skeptical in relation to Kerro and was surprised that she kept her promise to appear in battle. “We, like many viewers, thought she was joking, saying that he would return again. Of course, we couldn’t forbid her to participate, the more it insisted on the passage of the casting and the selection test, which has every right, as any man,” – said the producers of the program.