Marilyn Kerro explained the reason for the gap Buzova and Tarasova

Мэрилин Керро объяснила причину разрыва Бузовой и Тарасова According to witch, the ex-wife did not coincide with their world view. Marilyn Kerro shared with the operator of TNT point of view about the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova. Holding a photo of the presenter, a psychic made a prediction.

      Мэрилин Керро объяснила причину разрыва Бузовой и Тарасова

      Operator TNT Denchik some time ago became friends with Marilyn Kerro, a party of the seventeenth season of “Battle of psychics”. The employee of TV channel has already addressed to the Estonian witch, to tell him secret things about Olga Buzova. A conversation with Kerro he broke into two videos, of which his subscribers had learned a lot about leading reality show “Dom-2”. Marilyn Kerro song Buzova: “Olya, it’s not your way”

      In a new short video Denchik gives Marilyn the Buzova and asks her to tell specialist of voodoo the truth about a colleague. In the caption to the video, he promised that nothing funny this time they will not hear.

      “She’s number nine, it is very difficult to find the half. The man is number one and she’s number nine. They are completely different,” said Kerro, explaining the reason for the divorce Buzova with her husband.

      According to Marilyn, for Olga the most important thing the spiritual world, and for her former husband – material. Besides leading now does not really matter, which will bring good luck. “I would have advised her to open something of their own, associated with beauty,” said the witch.

      At the end of the session from Kerro Denchik noted that next year the luck will smile to Olga, as she “at the beginning of a long journey”. Itself Buzova not yet decided where to celebrate the holiday. Some of her friends called the girl to visit, but so far, no one of the proposals the singer of the song “the sound of kisses,” don agreed.

      Previously “StarHit” learned at grandma’s star Tamara as her granddaughter lived with a football player. “My husband was not interested in work by Olina, could not find appropriate words when something did not work, and she was so right. Olga, on the contrary, all itself, were devoted to him. When Tarasov was injured, were ready with him to go anywhere for treatment, to undo, just to be there. Said: “Dima is good with me.” The granddaughter told me that Dima asked the children, this topic is raised. But Olga wanted to have a career,” said the woman.

      In turn, Dmitry Tarasov is trying to forget his wife. The young man decided to kill tattoo, dedicated to Olga, by changing its pattern. Fans of footballer and TV presenter was in shock from such an act. Tarasov gets rid of the memories of the marriage with Buzova