Marilyn Kerro decided on a Frank admission about Alexander Chase

Мэрилин Керро решилась на откровенное признание об Александре Шепсе Estonian witch made a statement about his personal life. According to Marilyn Kerro, at the moment she’s not Dating Alexander Sheps. Despite the fact that psychics have taken the decision to part, they retained good relations among themselves.

Alexander Sheps & Marilyn Kerro considered among the most prominent participants of the TV show “Battle of psychics”. After young people demonstrated passionate kisses in the finale of the seventeenth season of the project, many began to wait until they legalize their relationship. But it never happened. In social networks of Isaac and Kerro periodically sharing photos, to the delight of their fans. However, as it turned out, at the moment, but not in a relationship with Alexander. About Estonian witch said in one of his social networks.

“Dear friends! I bring to your attention that Alexander Sheps are not a couple. I have several times talked about this on camera, but apparently required an official statement. Here it is: Sasha and I are not a couple and now I have nothing to do with “Studio Magic” in Samara. This does not mean that something has happened. It’s all good. We each have our own life, and I have great respect for Sasha. If I am photographed with him – it proves once again that we are not enemies. All love and kindness!” – shared Marilyn.

Fans of the charismatic pair was surprised by the statement of kerro. They began to discuss her application with the social networks. “This is the night free”, “Nightmare”, “wow… Mary, but in any case we will respect your choice. Remember we always love you and support”, “it is unfortunate that it happened,” “You’re perfect for each other”, “are You serious?”, “Fell out of love?”, “I’ll find a thousand excuses not to believe in your separation”, “Waiting for a response from Sasha,” wrote fans Marilyn and Alexander.

Some viewers even decided that the publication of kerro – someone’s joke. They began to discuss her post on the Internet, putting forward various versions for which it could decide on a statement about the breakup with Isaac. At the same time, other fans of the psychics asked to respect their privacy. “Serro forever in our memory. Tears and questions we have nothing, absolutely nothing will change! Love. All,” said one of the fans of Marilyn.

Earlier in an interview with “StarHit” Kerro confessed that Sheps will always be her loved one. “I madly respect and love. But we live separately. When people do not live together, this is not a relationship. When you don’t know what the man was doing, such a relationship can not be called a family”, – said the Estonian witch. Marilyn Kerro: “I went to the “Battle of psychics” not to win”