Мэрилин Керро поздравляют с беременностью Estonian witch is expecting a baby. Fans congratulate the future mom in social networks. Confidence in the fact that it’s not just a rumor, and Marilyn really will soon become a mother, add comments with the supposedly official Facebook page of kerro.
Мэрилин Керро поздравляют с беременностью

Marilyn Kerro became widely known after the participation in the 14th season of the TV show on channel TNT “Battle of psychics.” It quickly became one of the most popular viewers participants. In addition, the project she’d been courted by another participant of the “Battle” of a practicing psychic, psychic Alexander Sheps, which by the way, and won that season. Marilyn and Alexander were separated, then got back together again. But in the end, in June of last year Kerro made an official statement, announced that with the Sheps she is now only friends. In an interview with “StarHit” the Estonian witch confessed that in spite of that Alexander for it will forever remain a loved one. “We are living separately. When people do not live together, this is not the relationship,” said Kerro.

Marilyn Kerro: “I went to the “Battle of psychics” not to win”

After a high-profile romance with the medium, Kerro, which does not like publicity, stopped to comment on and demonstrate his personal life. Most of the year she spends at home in Estonia with his family, but it often happens in Moscow, which recently opened a centre of magic.

In the capital of kerro took a picture with mark Alexander Hansen. With this European Marilyn spends a lot of time, as evidenced by the photos online. True, the mystical star of the show, the rumors about the novel not comment.

However, and does not refute what the fans conclude – silent, does not remove the photo from the official Facebook page, so true.

So fans now sure that Marilyn is expecting a baby.

Intriguing photo appeared on one of the pages on Instagram under the name Kerro, and then on the official page Vkontakte. Fans are happy for their favorite. They not only congratulated her, but also asked a lot of questions.

“It’s perfect! Probably, the baby is already kicking. I knew that Mary everything will be fine! The reward for all the good will not keep you waiting!”; “Interesting all the same photo… I always liked watching all the animals come into contact with children and pregnant. It’s interesting, the animals, everything is always very sensitive. But some pregnant dogs for they do not let especially big… I’m Afraid”; “do You expect that you’ll be pregnant or was in shock?” – wrote fans in the comments.
Мэрилин Керро поздравляют с беременностью

And Marilyn said some subscribers. With the official (but unofficial representatives of the witches) pages Kerro she thanked for the congratulations and even hinted at the sex of the child: “the Dog part of the family, she feels very good little girl.” And the question of whether the pregnancy was unexpected, said: “Welcome!”.