Marilyn Kerro brought my niece to tears

Мэрилин Керро довела племянницу до слез Estonian witch posted a video in which the main character was the daughter of her sister. Child frame crying out loud, and the star of TNT tries to reassure her, making it clear to followers that nothing serious happened.

      Marilyn Kerro was unable to calm retrievals niece. A girl posted a video clip where a little girl crying heavily and requires her to return something. First and second rollers subscribers do not understand what is happening in the frame, because the child seems so unhappy. But soon, the camera lens gets herself Mary, which is beginning to threaten cousin, that will show her crying all the boys.

      Why Marilyn Kerro disliked the “Battle of psychics”

      Persuading her niece to stop crying, the psychic told users of the Network because of what happened hysterical. It turned out the girl demanded aunt Mandarin. Kerro said that the girl can’t eat this fruit, so she refused to comply with the request of the child. Judging by the facial expression of Mary, I understood that it is not easy to cope with children of similar age, but it’s not causing her discomfort. “With respect to all the mothers in the world,” wrote Kerro in the comments below.

      It should be noted that the witch is quite often shared with followers a photo with my niece and nephew who Express genuine love and affection for my aunt. She, in turn, tries to spend much time with them, play, read and go Hiking. Because of such images in the Network, many commentators formed the view that the girl in the near future plans to become a mother, because she does not hide her love and affection to kids.

      Some followers of Mary believe that she is going to raise children in severity not to let them do whatever they want. That is the conclusion the followers came after watching a video with the cousin of a celebrity.

      “What are you wonderful! So funny”, “Educate children, of course, is not always easy, and this age now have babies. But the experience you have already how much will be!” “We have a long time to calm the child. We attempt to distract with something interesting, but not always, and she gets her way, gets what she needs,” wrote fans of Marilyn in the Network.

      Netizens decided to take advantage of the situation and told how they raise their children. Someone found a lot in common in the behavior of small Avrova with their heirs, and some, on the contrary, stated that it is impossible to bring the child to tears. Although the majority of subscribers Mary justified her, saying that this is a completely normal reaction, girls and there is nothing unnatural. “We are also struggling with a little. Constantly crying and begging that he can’t. And how could I give him? Have to distract him, to entertain, sort of calms down,” wrote one of podeschi Estonian witches.