Marilyn Kerro about breaking up with Isaac: “can’t stop loving someone”

Мэрилин Керро о разрыве с Шепсом: «Невозможно разлюбить человека» Participant of “Battle of psychics” admitted that she cares for her former lover. Now in the life of kerro important is the inner harmony that she found in solitude. Fans of Marilyn encourage her to do what her heart tells her.

      Мэрилин Керро о разрыве с Шепсом: «Невозможно разлюбить человека»

      Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro, participant of “Battle of psychics,” commented parting with the winner of season 14 of the show Alexander Sheps. Kerro confessed that she still harbors warm feelings for a former lover. She said that one of his fans that asked a celebrity about breaking up with Sheps. “You broke up with Sasha?”, – decided to ask Marilyn.

      Close Marilyn Kerro worried for her psychological state

      “It’s impossible to stop loving the person, and you can be with yourself and to find inner peace, harmony and confidence, when one,” admitted Marilyn Kerro.

      Estonian witch also spoke about how she feels after returning to the project of TV channel TNT. “I really easier in this season,” said Kerro on the question of the fans about the new season of battle. In addition, Marilyn told her that she was not tired from filming, and people give her strength.

      Fans supported the participant of the popular TV show and wished her all the best. “I’m sure you’ll do great, and you will succeed”, “Listen to your heart and do as she sees fit”, “Mary, I am for you”, “Be happy”, “Force you, Marilyn” – they wrote in the comments to the post Kerro. Some of the followers of the Estonian witches suggested that its separation from the Sheps – temporary, and someday, he might be reunited with a former lover.

      Earlier Kerro was intrigued by its subscribers a picture of a magnificent bouquet of red roses. “Surprises,” was signed by the Estonian. Fans started guessing who sent Marilyn for such an expensive gift. Some of them suggested that a girl’s heart is not free. However, the star of “the battle of psychics” to dispel numerous speculations, stating that it did not enter into a new relationship. About the sender of the flowers Kerro chose not to say anything. Marilyn Kerro revealed the truth about a new relationship

      Recall that Marilyn Kerro became a member of new, 17 season of “the Battle of psychics.” In one episode of the witch shared with viewers the details of his personal life. Marilyn said that he and Alexander Sheps had left and she never told him about what had decided to return to the show. Words Kerro caused heated discussions of her fans, because the lovers gave the impression of a perfect couple.