Marika secretly became a mother for the second time

Марика втайне стала мамой во второй раз
TV presenter hides the advent of the baby born.

Maria Kravtsova

Photo: @Instagram marikakravtsova Maria Kravtsova

Maria Kravtsova became a mother for the second time! However, to dwell on the subject, the presenter is not in a hurry. This became known
incidentally, through observation of fans. Today Maria has published a picture of the aquarium, which was attended with
his son Akim. Fans noticed changes to the figure previously pregnant TV presenter and
gently asked: can I congratulate her on the birth of her daughter? What
got a witty response. “You can, so quietly. In a whisper…” — wrote Kravtsov.

As he called his daughter Maria and her husband businessman Sergei remains a mystery. It is only known that the little girl and her mom feel good. The girl the first time will sleep in the same room with their parents. According to Kravtsova, child absolutely without a difference where to spend the night, the main thing that mother was there. “At night the baby will sleep
in my room. It is convenient for both of us, as I plan to breastfeed.
Interior is baby. Elegant baby absolutely indifferent
newborn. Rather, it is a way to amuse the vanity of the parents. So at home
will be clean and comfortable. The main thing for baby is to the mother around. In America,
where we are now, we rent a house. However, in Russia we also
removable housing. We chose a comfortable house. You’ll get there
to build in the suburbs private family home, where I can
to implement their ideas about beauty and comfort!” — shared TV presenter.

Recall that in
June 2014 Kravtsova first became a mother, first told her friend,
designer Masha Tsigal. Posting on your page a photo Kravtsova, Tsigal
wrote some nice words about a successful TV presenter and fashion designer, and
the end he added the following words: “Mashul you recently became a mother! I love you
congratulations and very heartily rejoice in your success! You’re a good boy! Hurrah!”

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