Марика демонстрирует счастье ожидания ребенка The TV presenter will soon become a mother for the second time. Marika’t often share photos in an interesting position. Fans are genuinely happy for her.

      Марика демонстрирует счастье ожидания ребенка

      That well-known TV presenter and designer Maria Kravtsova, known as Marika, is expecting her second child, began to speak a long time ago. Finally to dispel the rumors of the celebrity, arriving at one of the events in a rather form-fitting outfit that emphasized a rounded tummy. Then Marika confessed “Starite” that does not want to share the details of their future motherhood. Moreover, in his microblog TV presenter and designer is trying not to flaunt his interesting position and rarely puts pictures in full growth. But recently, a celebrity decided to show the joy of future motherhood. In the photo she sits on a sandy shore, and with undisguised happiness adheres gently rounded tummy.

      “Waiting’s fine. Isn’t it?” – signed Marica publication.

      Fans get excited about such a touching photo and are excited to presenter pending addition to the family. “How tender”, “You’re so adorable”, “It’s a magical time. My congratulations”, – enjoyed this snapshot subscribers.

      Recall that Marika is expecting her second child. Two years ago, the celebrity and her spouse Sergey became parents for the first time. The boy was given the name Akim. Gave birth to first child Marica in the USA, where he spent the first months after the appearance of the son to the light. I must say that the famous host does not want to show their baby to the public. In her microblog, though there are sometimes pictures of the baby, but his face cannot be seen.

      Only some time later, Marika’s family came to Russia. Here she returned to their former way of life, would often appear at social get-togethers. But soon events were followed by dinners with friends and husband. And the fact that Kravtsova beginning to prefer loose-fitting outfits gave fans the speculations about a possible pregnancy presenter.

      It is noteworthy that after the first birth the young mother quickly returned to previous form. It is noticeably shaped after pregnancy and amazed fans with her figure. Kravtsov told me that such amazing results could be achieved through proper diet and daily exercise.

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