Marika became a mother for the second time

Марика стала мамой во второй раз TV presenter and designer gave his wife a long-awaited second child. Now Marika and the newborn feel fine. Young parents receive congratulations.

      Марика стала мамой во второй раз

      It became known that TV presenter and designer Maria Kravtsova, better known as Marika, and her husband, businessman Sergei, once again became parents. They had a second child. I must say that the birth of girl Marika is hiding.

      In Instagram the star posted a photo from the aquarium. Under it Maria left the signature: “Children often lead us to places where we’re not less than them.” Subscribers will notice the changes in shape of the designer and asked if to congratulate her on her addition. She wrote: “so Quietly, in a whisper”.

      Interestingly, for a long time Maria Kravtsova chose not to comment on the rumors about her pregnancy. But alert fans on the microblogging 30-year-old star argued and discussed a possible addition to the family of TV presenter and her husband. That the suspicions of the subscribers were not unfounded, it became clear only when Marika appeared on one of the social events. At the party, the presenter appeared in the outfit, stressing the distinctly rounded shape.

      “It would be foolish now to hide that I’m pregnant because this fact has become obvious to all. But other details I would, of course, did not want to disclose yet”, — has shared with “StarHit” the young mother.

      Recall that the family of Maria and Sergey’s teenage son, Akim. Now the boy is two years. It is noteworthy that the first baby was born in America. First Mayor lived there. In the States of Marika with her husband left still being pregnant. Back in Russia, the family decided in late April last year. TV presenter and designer in the capital began to actively attend social events, but also to show the kid Moscow.

      But soon the party was replaced by dinners with friends and husband. And the fact that Kravtsova beginning to prefer outfits boxy and gave fans food for thought about the possible pregnancy of the presenter.

      It is noteworthy that after a first confinement the young mother quickly went back to their previous forms. Fans did not get tired to admire her phenomenal weight loss. She noticeably lost weight after pregnancy, and smote all their figure. Kravtsov told me that such amazing results could be achieved through proper diet and daily exercise.

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