Marica: “I don’t know who to run for help!”

Марика: «Я не знаю, к кому бежать за помощью!»
The presenter told us about the serious difficulties of raising children.

Children of Maria Kravtsova: the Mayor and Faith

Photo: @Instagram marikakravtsova Maria Kravtsova

Maria Kravtsova is the mother of two adorable kids. The presenter brings two year-old son Akim and 10-month-old daughter Faith. Recently Maria has admitted that recently faced serious difficulties in parenting. Her son still can not be reconciled with the advent of the sisters of the house and creates thereby a young mother a lot of problems.

“The Governor’s office of Faith every day real hard seething emotions, and I don’t know who to run to for help, and there is a feeling that to run somewhere. “Somebody call somebody!” The Governor can kiss the baby, stroking, watching my eyes, and literally a second away from it (and not very interesting, and often, all) toys and hide in different corners, if only my sister got nothing. Brother masterfully alternates the carrot and the stick, giving preference to the latter, — said Maria. — Every time I kick myself, because what kind of passion Mexican from my own son did not expect. Why the negativity toward the SIS? How to protect from a defensive response to aggression (I am afraid that will hurt not only the brother, but in General to the whole environment will be not very trusting and friendly)”.

Kravtsov is confident that the son’s behavior is not a consequence of lack of attention. “The simplest explanation — the guy asks for attention. But I give him plenty of time, we really do a lot together! Apparently, my problem is simple —just a small age difference. But what to do with it? Moms, maybe you can suggest something? There is also a happy “lady” pogodak? Know my pain? How to be saved?” — asked the presenter.

Subscribers responded to the request by Mary and given her some useful advice for “survival”, admitting that she encountered similar problems.