Мэрайя Кэри со своими  детьми побывала в гостях у Санта-Клауса
The singer is preparing to justify it after last year’s failure at the concert.

Mariah Carey allowed himself to relax a bit
on Christmas day before very responsible for her concert. The singer, who
decided to spend the holidays in aspen (Colorado) went with their
twins six — year-old Marilyn and
Marakkanam from her her ex-spouse nick
Of cannon Park Winter Wonderland.

Children dressed in winter
heat, as the 47-year-old Mariah, remained in full delight from acquaintance with Santa
Claus. Not less pleased in their meeting with real reindeer, harnessed to
Santa’s sleigh. What they got in
this year’s Christmas present, Kerry said, but the twins in the photo,
which she shared look very happy.In aspen Carrie arrived
only with their children: on a trip it is accompanied by a young boyfriend of the singer —
Brian Tanaka, with whom she started Dating last year. And even before
holidays she managed to run in aspen boutiques, buying gifts for yourself
and a loved one.

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As for the upcoming
her new year’s concert, his approach a bit worried about Mariah. After all, it
speech last year at a similar event in new York ended
a resounding failure. Then, because of a hardware failure, it became obvious that Carey
sing “under plywood”. Worse, when it happened, the diva failed to pull himself
hands and ran from the scene.

During the show Mariah that she gave
in front of a crowd of thousands gathered at Times Square, something happened to
the sound track that accompanied her statement. It so happened that
Cary was finished singing, and her voice was still sound from the speakers!
Mariah was so shaken by the accident that some time in silence stood
stage. And then tried to comment on the incident and failed
with his nerves. “That was… that was… amazing!” she mumbled and ran away
from the scene. “When the owners of such voices as Mariah starts to sing “under
plywood”, one of the angels in heaven loses its wings!” — wrote one of the many
insanely frustrated fans of the singer in social networks.