Мэрайя Кэри отправилась на шопинг в неглиже

Pop diva made a night of shopping, going to the shops in Saint Tropez. The outfit for this purpose, the star chose a very specific.

Mariah Carey together with a couple of friends were seen in the night while shopping in the French resort. The main goal of the singer became the boutique of the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. Night shopping, like, led to the choice of dress, in which the star was walking through Saint-Tropez. Created the impression that Cary went outside in her nightie, under which there was no hint of underwear.

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Outfits resembling lingerie or sleepwear, became one of the main fashion fetishes of the stars in recent years and has become a kind of trend. Out on the street or on the red carpet in a sexy negligee consider it my sacred duty Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lawrence and many other celebrities. Now in their “club” came and Mariah Carey. However, in our opinion, it can hardly be called successful.

On the streets of Saint-Tropez, the singer appeared in a slim dress of creamy translucent fabric. Half-naked Breasts Mariah and tries to jump out of a plunging neckline. Such outfits are not too “friendly” with underwear, but because Cary decided to go out without a bra, which in her case was the reason a trendy failure. Lush star shape without any support has taken the form of two saggy shapeless bags. Hardly Cary sought to achieve exactly this effect!

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