Mariah Carey threw the young lover

Мэрайю Кэри бросил молодой любовник
The singer was left “with nothing”.

Мэрайю Кэри бросил молодой любовник

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka


Mariah Carey with children and Nick cannon


Mariah Carey Brian Tanaka broke up with the singer. Meanwhile, due to
having an affair with Brian, which started last year, Mariah lost her fiance-billionaire
James Packer… This information appeared on the website

As reported, last fall, James broke off my engagement to Cary
due to the fact that Mariah suspected of treason. The fact that last summer
Cary is extremely close with her backing dancer Tanaka, who is younger than her
15. First Packer tried to achieve what Brian was expelled from
her show. But it didn’t help: as told to James, his fiancee and Tanaka continued
to meet secretly after hours… In the end, patience Packer
snapped, and he announced that he breaks the engagement.

As for Carey,
it seems, then not too upset because with the head
plunged into an affair with Tanaka. They appeared everywhere together, went to rest
the Islands together. Not shy to show feelings for each
other in public.

But time passed, and Cary start
notice that Tanaka began to abuse her generosity. He constantly bought for
her designer clothes and most expensive shoes, not to mention the fact that the acquired
they are also the means singer of gold jewelry (he particularly liked massive gold chain) would be enough
to fill the window of a jewelry store. When Mariah hinted to him that it was time
to stay, Tanaka offended.

Then, Brian began
to present her claim that she continued to communicate with his
ex-husband and father of twin children Monroe and Moroccan — Nick cannon.
Tanaka was allegedly jealous of Carey to cannon. And recently when Mariah went on
ceremony Kid’s Choice
Awards with the kids and Nick and Brian left the house, he
confronted her. Tanaka said that she humiliates him and then he is
not gonna stand. And left. Since then (and it happened in the first half
March), according to the informant Brian’s in her house, never came back, and completely severed his contacts with Cary.