Mariah Carey spoke about the brutality and recklessness of the ex-fiance

Мэрайя Кери рассказала о жестокости и неуравновешенности экс-жениха

Yesterday’s news that billionaire James packer dumped Mariah Carey, surprised many.

It seemed a happy couple, making plans for the future and doted each other. In reality, this ideal picture looked quite different: packer stated that he had no longer the strength to endure immeasurable spending a secular lover and her glamorous lifestyle. Mariah also chose not to be silent and told his friends that packer mentally unstable and violent man.

The source, who TMZ found out this information, said that the brutality of James against Mariah has become manifest even in the summer, when they are together on his yacht sailed to Greece. An Australian billionaire has done “something horrible” that has involved the assistant of the singer.

After this incident, Cary interrupted his vacation and rushed back to Los Angeles.

The representative of the singer said that the rumors that packer broke up with Carey because of her infidelity, complete nonsense. Apparently, these two are just not meant for each other.