Mariah Carey showed buttocks in Instagram

Мэрайя Кэри показала ягодицы в Instagram

46-year-old singer in a nontrivial way he greeted his fans in Sweden.

Before the concert last weekend Mariah has published in Instagram photo, on which stands the camera back barely covered by a silk robe fifth point. “Hey, Sweden! Glad to be back to you again!” – signed picture of Mariah.

What does it mean? And it’s all in the game of words: the phrase “glad to be back” can be translated as “glad to be back and glad to turn back”. What Mariah did – turned.

Now the singer is on the European tour, promoting their recently released new album. In January it became known that Mariah is engaged to a billionaire from Australia James Packer. With the ex-husband and father of her twin sons Nick cannon Carey divorced in 2014.

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