Мэрайя Кэри ухитрилась заработать миллионы на отмене свадьбы
The former fiance of singer costly for the failed marriage.

Мэрайя Кэри ухитрилась заработать миллионы на отмене свадьбы

Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey never misses an opportunity to earn extra money. Recently, she
managed to replenish his Bank account, selling an engagement ring, a gift
her at the time her former fiance — billionaire James Parker. Moreover, due to the fact that
she got rid of that jewel, the singer
earned a more than respectable amount. According to experts, it is
about $ 10 million. Wonder the cost of the ring is not necessary — it
adorned with a huge diamond 35 carats! Incidentally, diamond
this size no one living Hollywood celebrities.

Interestingly, Carey is the second time to replenish the budget due to his marriage to Packer. Last year she received from the Packer
compensation of the damages allegedly incurred by her in connection with the preparation
the failed marriage.

Originally Cary
requested with James just incredible the amount of 50 million dollars. As
Mariah announced that she has purchased a fabulously expensive dress and pay
advance also not cheap accessories for the upcoming ceremony… besides,
as explained singer, she almost almost gave up his career —
because of an affair with James. Besides, she moved with her children to another district
America to be closer to the beloved. So Mariah decided
the right to lawful, from her point of view, compensation for losses incurred. One of the main points of her claims, new home in Los Angeles,
which she now do not need. In addition, she stated that she intends to leave
engagement ring (the one she has now sold) itself, as
gifts, in her opinion, do not return.

Packer, having considered the demand of his former bride, said he believes
she requested amount excessive. But to pay he refused and
transferred to the account Mariah 10 million. As for the dress, it Mariah in contrast to rings to sell did not.
Your wedding outfit it burned, and captured its destruction in

Mariah Carey with James Parker and daughter