Mariah Carey lost 20 pounds!

Мэрайя Кэри похудела на 20 килограммов!
The singer revealed the secret to her almost perfect figure.

Мэрайя Кэри похудела на 20 килограммов!

Mariah Carey 2015


Mariah Carey


yesterday at trendy restaurant Nobu
located in Malibu (California), with his young boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, 48-year-old
Mariah Carey left a very strong impression. The singer, dressed in
a slinky black dress, looked like younger 20 years!

waist and slim hips Mariah made a very strong impression because in the past
year she was criticized for the extra weight. But since then, the singer has taken all possible measures,
to regain form, and the result justified the efforts. As proudly announced Carey as one of its
friends, in recent months, she lost 20 pounds.

diet, which was trying to sit the singer, her disappointment, at the end of last
she decided on surgery — so-called “tubular gastroplasty”.
The result of reducing the volume of stomach became noticeable immediately. And Cary still
I had to connect a diet with a high protein content. She began to eat more of your favorite “wild” salmon with capers and seafood. And desserts and all other foods,
contain refined sugar, it is generally ruthlessly thrown out of their

admitted to Cary, all the changes it was difficult. But now she is very
happy with the result. And is somehow not
hard to believe that last fall, during the show, it hardly raised two dancers. And
new figure it was much easier to dance on stage during concerts. Not
to mention the fact that she now feels much more confident next to
the 35-year-old lover over.